Clan Code of Conduct 02/10/2010

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Clan Code of Conduct 02/10/2010 Empty Clan Code of Conduct 02/10/2010

Post  -jimmyDean- on Wed Sep 23, 2009 1:57 pm

(Code of Conduct)

RULE #1 you may attack anyone who has attacked you first.
-Exception: We don't want you to attack a NAP clan even if you are attacked first. Unless you are in the battlezone. Inform xXtodmanXx, Mega, or angelbrat85 of the incursion and she will deal with it diplomatically.

RULE #2 No one Kills anyone under level 20 unless they attacked you first.
-Exception: If they are in KOS list, We are at WAR or in the battle zone.

RULE #3 No one Kills anyone that we have a NAP with. (it is your responsibility to know NAPs)
-Exception: unless they are in the battle zone and they fired first.

RULE#4 Any boat with a bounty is fair game.
-Exception: Anyone in our NAP list.

Rule #5 It is bad etiquette to STEAL kills or Wreckage. Please don't do this.

Rule #6 Even when things get heated in the chat or you get annoyed by something somebody said, you should keep your cool. Please remember to communicate in a respectful manner with each other at all times. Treat other players and moderators with the same amount of respect you would also like to receive.

Racist, sexist, political opinions and obscene language will result in removal from the clan without warning. The decision is alone the responsibility of the clan leaders.

Rule #7 ICP members are to stay out of other clans business. Don't dictate anything to another clan please.

RULE#8 If you leave ICP for any reason please EMAIL your clan commander.

RULE#9 During war time if any commander orders boats to a specific base to fight. ALL boats ordered must immediately make a hasty appearance to the ordered location. (no exceptions, no excuses)
-Exception If there are no commanders in game, fellow members should help the individual player in question. If no one come to your aid you are permited to ask NAPs for help.

RULE #10 No one is to impersonate another player for any reason. This means changing your name to someone else's just to upset them. This is fraud and will not be tolerated. Immediate expulsion from the clan. IT WOULD NOT BE FUNNY IF SOMEONE DID IT TO YOU. !!

Rule #11 If an ICP member leaves the clan on GOOD terms he/she is not to be killed.
-Exception If the member has been put on the Traitors list for acts against the clan. The we want him/her sunk on site.

Rule #12 If an ICP member needs help it up to the Leader online to dispatch help to the appropriate place. If there isn't a leader online other players are 'highly encouraged" to help. We are a united clan and we should help each other. The more that help the better.
-Exception: If you are a low level boat in a location which is a major danger zone, you might not get any help because you shouldn't be there in the first place.

Rule #13 If a player has been removed from the clan there are no more second chances. We don't remove players lightly and as a result we don't welcome them back. . If you are warned for any reason don't take the warning lightly..... I guarentee without a tag you will be sunk.


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